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Cecily Strong will be under Jamie Lee Curtis’ care in Scream Queens season two

(Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images)

Saturday Night Live’s Cecily Strong’s vocal chords will likely be put to good use in the upcoming season of Scream Queens. Strong will guest star in Ryan Murphy’s campy horror-comedy, co-creator Ian Brennan announced during the show’s Comic-Con panel Friday. The second season takes place in a hospital purchased by Jamie Lee Curtis’ Cathy Munsch, and Strong will play one of the patients. Sure, the fact that a university dean is now the proud owner of a healthcare facility makes little sense. But what can we say? It’s a Ryan Murphy show.

Murphy has dipped into the SNL talent pool previously. The first season employed Nasim Pedrad, as villain/victim Gigi Caldwell. Here’s hoping Strong makes it out alive, though chances are it will be funnier if she doesn’t. Other actors joining the show include Taylor Lautner as a doctor—yes, plausibility is not really a concern here—and John Stamos as a surgeon who has had a hand transplant. Arrows Colton Haynes will also appear in season two.


[via Deadline]

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