Possibly finally making up for Fox’s live-action, Monsignor Martinez spinoff from King Of The Hill that was so cravenly abandoned years ago, CBS is developing a show in which Ugly Betty star America Ferrera would, as Deadline puts it, star as “a justice-seeking nun.” Titled Damascus, as in the road where Paul had the light kicked right in his ass by a justice-seeking Jesus, the drama would star Ferrera as “a crusading nun who practices law on behalf of the least fortunate, and has her beliefs tested when her life collides with an elitist corporate lawyer.” As the two put aside their probably sexy differences to team up in justice-seeking, they discover “a secretive and powerful organization that is determined to destroy them” that we’ll just assume is secular Hollywood, making light of their faith by putting them in procedurals that could be called Alias: Nun, basically. No word on whether Ferrera’s character will be given an appropriately badass, “Vaya con dios”-like catchphrase, but may we suggest, “You want justice? Now you’ve got nun.”