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CBS taps Better Off Ted producer to create next Modern Family

Better Off Ted

CBS became the No. 1 network in America through the strength of hits like CSI (CBS’s version of Law & Order), Elementary (CBS’s version of Sherlock), The Big Bang Theory (CBS’s version of The IT Crowd), and NCIS (CBS’s version of CSI). So it’s only natural that CBS now wants its own version of Modern Family.

Reverse-engineering that show’s formula will be veteran short-lived sitcom writer/producer Justin Adler, whose previous shows include Better Off Ted, Samantha Who?, and Less Than Perfect. Adler’s new show, Life In Pieces, will be a single-camera comedy that weaves plot threads around different members of a family, who hopefully learn a hilarious lesson about racial sensitivity at some point.


Life In Pieces is CBS’s fourth comedy pickup this season. Others include a new sitcom from the creator of Cougar Town, and a TV adaptation of the Bradley-Cooper-becomes-a-genius movie Limitless, which we assume can’t possibly be serious.

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