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CBS’ Sunday Morning finally gets fun as Ted Koppel says Sean Hannity is bad for America

CBS Sunday Morning

CBS’ Sunday Morning is basically the warm tea of news shows, as indicated by its pleasant sun logo and unique emphasis on discussing fine art, but the show got a huge shot of adrenaline this week from veteran newsman Ted Koppel. Speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Koppel explained that Hannity and people like him are contributing to the continued division between Americans because of the way they emphasize ideology over facts. However, the most exciting moment—possibly the most exciting moment in Sunday Morning history—came when Hannity straight-up asked Ted Koppel if he’s “bad for America,” and Koppel responded with a simple “yeah.”

As you can see in the clip below, Hannity does keep a straight face, but it seems clear that Koppel’s response was hard for him to hear:


Since then, Hannity has taken a page from his network’s biggest fan by turning to Twitter and denouncing the clip as “fake edited news.” He says his interview was cut down to leave out his presumably salient points about why “journalism is dead” and “how liberalism has failed,” and he’s even going after CBS News as if it’s complicit in some evil cover-up:

Also, while Hannity’s response to Koppel was pretty subdued, his response to people echoing Koppel’s opinion on Twitter is a bit more extreme:


Next week, Sunday Morning will presumably capitalize on this sudden popularity by airing a fascinating piece on the “rock stars” of mineralogy. Oh wait, that was also this week.

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