The Late Show

As reported by Variety, CBS is hoping to give its hip new late-night hosts a big boost by airing special episodes of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and The Late Late Show With James Corden in the highly coveted post-Super Bowl time slot on February 7 of next year. Well, sort of. The Late Show will air immediately after the Super Bowl, and The Late Late Show will air right after that…as soon as the local news has ended. But who knows, maybe this will be the one time in Super Bowl history that people actually stick around at their parties and leave the news on after the game and The Late Show end. After all, they’ve gotta find out what the weather will be like the next day somehow, and if it means getting to watch James Corden do some funny stuff afterwards, then that’s just icing on the Super Bowl cake. Also, take home some of the Super Bowl cake. It’s just going in the trash otherwise.

Variety doesn’t say what will make these episodes special, but if they’re anything like the usual post-Super Bowl TV show episodes, they’ll either trot out a bunch of famous guest stars or reveal a shocking twist. The former would be pretty easy for talk shows to pull off, but the latter would be much more thrilling. Maybe Colbert and Corden will have to team up to help Kyle Chandler pull a bomb out of somebody? That would make for a great post-Super Bowl episode.