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CBS says yes to Katherine Heigl, no to Nancy Drew

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CBS kept its hands relatively blood-free in the latest round of TV executions, offering little more than a mercy kill to CSI: Cyber, and letting Supergirl escape its ratings-hungry clutches for the welcoming arms of The CW. But lest you think the network’s gone soft, be advised: the days when any police procedural could walk in and get a seat at the giant, eye-shaped table are over. According to Deadline, CBS has passed on Drew, the TV show that dared to raise the oft-asked question of what it would be like if Nancy Drew was an adult cop in gritty New York, instead of a teenage girl living in bucolic small-town America.

Despite being lured in by a cast that included Person Of Interest’s Sarah Shahi and Anthony Edwards, CBS hasn’t bitten on the curtly titled series. (It’s possible that there are some real Drew-canon sticklers—or Drew-ids, as they’re informally known—high up in the company’s decision-making process.) Still, CBS TV Studios is apparently shopping the show around to other networks, searching for that key demographic that wants to watch Nancy Drew drop a perp at 40 paces with her service piece.


Meanwhile, CBS has given a green light to the other lingering question mark on its fall schedule—Katherine Heigl’s Doubt—after an extended process that saw the actress brought on when it was determined that the show’s pilot needed to be recast. The series centers on a successful female lawyer who makes the mistake of falling in love with her client, a maybe-murderer played by Mark Fuhrman impersonator and face-handed doctor Stephen Pasquale. Orange Is The New Black’s Laverne Cox is also expected to star.

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