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CBS’s Supergirl adds Dean Cain and Helen Slater

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With the news of its Supergirl TV series, CBS appeared to finally be moving away from crime procedurals. Then they remembered who they are and what they do, and the network’s entertainment chairman reassured viewers that the show wouldn’t stray far from the police beat. But Greg Berlanti is executive producing, and he’s got quite the superhero-show streak going over at the CW with Arrow and its spinoff, The Flash. So CSI: Argo City this probably isn’t.


To further bolster confidence, the show has just cast a couple of actors who know a thing or two about Kryptonian clans. TVLine reports that Dean Cain and Helen Slater are slated to guest star, along with Superman’s outline. Cain, of course, starred as Clark Kent/Superman Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman on ABC, and Slater portrayed Kara Zor-El herself in 1984’s Supergirl.

And just who will these elder statespeople of comic book adaptations be playing? No idea—their roles are being described as “top secret.” But might we remind you of how great the Bizarro storyline was on Smallville? No? Well, it was.

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