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CBS’s Rush Hour gets canceled after one season

According to Variety, CBS is unwilling to understand the words that are coming out of its Rush Hour adaptation’s mouth, and it has decided to cancel the drama series after one season. The show was based on the Rush Hour series of films that starred Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan; in the TV version, Jon Foo and Justin Hires played a straight-laced cop from Hong Kong and a more reckless LAPD detective who have to work together.

Variety says that Rush Hour’s ratings have held pretty steady since it premiered at midseason, but those ratings were apparently never especially good to begin with. Also, only seven episodes of Rush Hour have aired at this point, but CBS hasn’t announced whether or not the others will still be broadcast. Either way, the show won’t be following the movies’ lead and coming back for increasingly outrageous odd-couple adventures that provide ample opportunities for one of the guys to ask the other guy if he can understand the words that are coming out of his mouth. (We know we already referenced that line, but it’s the only thing most people remember from those movies.)


Meanwhile, CBS has yet to make any announcements regarding Limitless, its other new drama series that’s based on a movie.

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