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Sending the rest of its cast to join former star Erinn Hayes in the Big Dead Sitcom Wives Dumping Ground In The Sky, CBS announced today that it was killing off Kevin James’ Kevin Can Wait after two seasons on the air. Per Deadline, CBS has apparently rejected our idea for how to revive the series’ flagging ratings—i.e., just keep killing off wife characters until people start watching again—in lieu of simply ending it once and for all.


Today was a rough day overall for existing shows at the Big, All-Seeing, Not-As-Much-Watching-As-Advertisers-Would-Probably-Like Eye; the network also pulled the plug on hacker drama Scorpion and second-season sitcom Superior Donuts. Somewhat surprisingly, that leaves Matt Le Blanc’s Man With A Plan as the sole non-Big Bang Theory member of the network’s Monday night lineup; in a common refrain for this year’s cuts, MWAP happens to be fully owned by CBS, while Kevin was shared with Sony.

Despite James’ continuing popularity, the show endured a number of wounds, some self-inflicted, over its last year or so on the air; sitcom steady hand Bruce Helford ditched out halfway through the first season to work on the Roseanne revival, and the decision to kill off Hayes’ Donna in favor of reuniting James with his old King Of Queens co-star, Leah Remini, proved ultimately disastrous for all involved.

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