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CBS replaces terrorism-related Supergirl and NCIS: LA episodes


In the wake of Friday’s terrorist attacks in France, CBS has decided to replace Monday’s episodes of Supergirl and NCIS: Los Angeles due to both of them having “terrorism-related plotlines.” That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that both episodes centered on extremely ill-timed stories: NCIS: LA would’ve been about stopping an attempt to recruit women to join ISIS, while Supergirl would’ve been about the eponymous hero racing around her city to stop a series of bombings. THR doesn’t say when—or if—these episodes will air, but both shows will have alternate episodes on tomorrow instead. NCIS: LA will be about finding a missing woman with a connection to LL Cool J’s character, and Supergirl will be about the relationship between Kara and her foster mother.

CBS’ decision comes after NBC chose to cancel Friday’s live episode of Undateable and after Saturday Night Live dropped its cold open in favor of a message of support for the people of Paris.


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