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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
Illustration for article titled CBS renews emRules Of Engagement/em, which it swears is a TV show

The CBS comedy Rules Of Engagement, which web-based documentation insists is a genuine television show, will continue to air for what the network asserts will be a seventh season. The announcement comes after the mostly theoretical sitcom briefly became in danger of ceasing to exist, something that it has ostensibly done since 2007. Unfortunately for hypothetical fans, TV Line reports that they'll have to wait to see more of the characters and plotlines that apparently they enjoy, as Rules will once again be "held until midseason"—this in reference to the late-winter/early-spring months on Earth, and not, as one might suspect, the made-up season of "blusterbung" that exists solely in the realm of far-off fantasy. "This is excellent news for David Spade and that actress I think I saw on maybe a bus ad or something one time, who I guess is also on the show," said the series' executive producer Ruley McEngagement.


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