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CBS remaking Second Sight as a Jason Lee detective show

Having enjoyed great success with turning Sherlock into Elementary while Britain could do nothing but stand there, cheeks flashing at the churlish impropriety, CBS is claiming another British detective drama for America—this time the Clive Owen-starring Second Sight. The somber series, about an investigator who begins going blind in a cruelly ironic twist of TV writer-engineered fate, will be transposed from London to America’s current, most inherently dramatic city New Orleans, while Owen will similarly be replaced by fellow disaster survivor Jason Lee.

It’s the second detective show for Lee in recent years, having previously wrapped two seasons on TNT’s Memphis Beat as a cop who solves crimes by forcing suspects to listen to his band’s Stevie Ray Vaughn-influenced blues-rock until they cave (or something). Here Lee’s equally effective, equally maddening secret weapon will be his ocular disorder, “which causes him to have horrifying and visually stimulating anxiety dreams and hallucinations” that are, nevertheless, also clues. “Waaaauuggghhh! Oh, that’s actually pretty helpful, thank you,” Lee will say every week.


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