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CBS president believes Charlie Sheen may have a problem, but whaddayagonnado?

During an interview session at the ongoing TCA press tour, CBS president Nina Tassler was, naturally, asked to comment on Charlie Sheen’s ongoing porn-stars-and-blow binge—including a recent Las Vegas bacchanal with Bree Olson and Bombshell McGee, which capped off a decadent winter hiatus that left Sheen looking frail at approximately 25 pounds lighter, and even had the network openly considering putting Two And A Half Men on hiatus so they could get him in rehab. But while Tassler says that she looked at Sheen “on a human level,” and admitted that she’s concerned about his health and his role as a father, “On a professional level, he does his job,” adding, “The show is as successful as it’s always been.” And after all, if it takes canoodling with porn stars and cocaine for Charlie Sheen to make Two And A Half Men a hit, who are you to argue with his method?

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