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CBS picks up Young Sheldon, ensuring The Big Bang Theory’s immortality

The Big Bang Theory

In what was probably one of the easiest decisions a TV executive has ever made, CBS has decided to give a straight-to-series order to The Big Bang Theory prequel series Young Sheldon. That comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which notes that this is the first time the network and the show’s producers have “confirmed the project,” despite the fact that the whole cast seems to be in place and that we knew about this back in November.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Big Little Lies’ Iain Armitage will play the eponymous young version of Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Cooper, and his mother will be played by Zoe Perry—who happens to be the real-life daughter of Laurie Metcalfe, who plays Sheldon’s mom on The Big Bang Theory. The show will apparently follow the young version of Sheldon as he lives with his family in East Texas and goes to high school, where he’ll presumably get into wacky situations based on how smart/geeky he is, with adult Sheldon—as in, Jim Parsons—narrating the series.


Young Sheldon doesn’t have a premiere date yet, but THR adds that the pilot episode will be directed by Jon Favreau of all people. Also, for anyone who prefers their Bazingas to be a bit more mature, The Big Bang Theory was just picked up for two more seasons back in February.

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