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CBS picks up CSI: Cyber, promising lots of concerned questions from your grandparents

In what will hopefully, please God, be the last news of this Friday before upfronts week but almost certainly won’t because the fates of Parenthood and Nashville still twist in the wind, CBS has picked up the fourth CSI series, CSI: Cyber to go along with the other four dramas it picked up earlier today. The project follows in the wake of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, and CSI: NY, though only the original is still on the air. It will star Patricia Arquette and focus on cybercrimes, which means that you can probably expect lots of discussion of how Twitter can be used to empty people’s bank accounts or “the dark Internet” the next time you talk to your grandparents. They heard about it on the TV in that show with the nice lady who was on Medium. We just like the title, which sounds like the name of a Yahoo chat room in the year 1998.

Stay tuned for more upfronts news throughout the weekend, with such wacky cliffhangers as the respective fates of How I Met Your Dad, Parenthood, and Nashville still playing out. [The Hollywood Reporter]


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