The attempts from How I Met Your Mother’s Carter Bays and Craig Thomas to get How I Met Your Dad off the ground never worked out, but that hasn’t soured them on CBS entirely. The pair have just sold another pilot to the network, and it’s another mildly high-concept romance-related sitcom. Titled My Time/Your Time, the series will be based on a web series called 7P/10E, and it revolves around a young couple that has just started a long-distance relationship. The web series is told via Skype-like video chats, but the TV show probably won’t solely rely on that gimmick. It would get pretty tired after a few episodes, especially since the supporting characters would have to keep coming up with excuses to say their catchphrases in the background of these private video chats. Also, forcing the one character to watch the other die in a video chat so he can get back with his ex in the final episode would be really brutal.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]