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CBS might bring back Murphy Brown and you are old

Illustration for article titled CBS might bring back emMurphy Brown/em and you are old

Murphy Brown creator Diane English tells TV Guide that she's been in discussion with CBS about reviving the newsroom satire that wasn't afraid to call Dan Quayle stupid, bringing that same fearlessness to modern-day easy targets in a handful of election-year specials. Those talks are entirely preliminary, of course, though English says she thinks "it's possible," adding that after Candice Bergen's current Broadway run wraps in July, she plans to discuss with her further the idea of returning and reminding fans just how long ago the '90s were and how incredibly old they are now. With that in mind, consider that Murphy's baby/publicity-generating plot point Avery would now be 20, and that laid-back house painter Eldin (played by Robert Pastorelli) has been dead for eight years. Also, Miles—the twentysomething yuppie go-getter who annoyed Murphy with his youthful exuberance—looks like this now. Have a great day! [via NY Post]

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