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CBS is just crowdsourcing its police procedurals now

Like this, but with a billion more people sitting at computers. (Image: CBS)

Because nothing says “crime-solving genius” like a million people shouting “FIRST” over a picture of a severed head, CBS has announced that it’s picked up a new pilot about crowdsourcing murder investigations via the internet. Based on an Israeli series of the same name, Wisdom Of The Crowd is just the latest TV procedural to follow the trend of brilliant tech billionaires “disrupting” the world of public services. (See also: CBS’s already canceled medical drama Pure Genius, and Fox’s upcoming high-tech cop show APB.)

This time, the innovator in question has a personal motive for his fancy new techniques: solving his daughter’s murder. To that end, our hero creates his own “cutting-edge crowdsourcing hub” in order to allow San Francisco residents to start solving their own damn crimes for a change. The Good Wife’s Ted Humphrey will write the series; he’ll serve as an executive producer as well.


[via Deadline]

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