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CBS is developing a Wizard Of Oz-themed medical drama to go with all those other Oz-themed things

Illustration for article titled CBS is developing a emWizard Of Oz/em-themed medical drama to go with all those other emOz/em-themed things

Undeterred by the quick death of the Jekyll And Hyde-plus-doctors Do No Harm at NBC, CBS has begun development of its own high-concept, literary mashup medical drama Dorothy, "inspired by the characters and themes from The Wizard Of Oz." Set in neither the Emerald City or Kansas, the show takes place in New York City, and is produced by the same team that brought you another adaptation-of-beloved-characters-suddenly-set-in-New-York, Elementary. The series will be written by Emily Fox, who also wrote for Ghost Whisperer, a show that, at this point, actually seems relatively straightforward.

Someone who maybe didn't have much brains but clearly wasn't lacking in courage pitched the idea to CBS of the medical soap—which is maybe like Grey's Anatomy, except McDreamy's made of tin, and also Sandra Oh is a witch. And maybe there's a monkey in there or something. It joins the myriad other Oz-related projects that have been proposed in recent years—Drew Barrymore's possible Oz sequel, a potential full-on Oz remake from Warner Bros., a "sexy" stop-motion Oz with kung-fu,  a big-screen or maybe miniseries version of Wicked, and of course, the Oz The Great And Powerful sequel. And even in a TV landscape that's already featured Tin Man with Zooey Deschanel and Syfy's forthcoming post-apocalyptic Oz show, Dorothy has somehow distinguished itself as the worst-sounding Oz-related idea yet. If this transplant patient only had a heart! Oil can! Stat!


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