In the early 2000s, 24's determined, principled David Palmer got American television audiences used to the idea of a black president. And then, by the late 2000s, lo and behold we elected a black president. Now CBS may similarly be hoping to change the course of American history by asking what if the most powerful diplomat in the world—the U.S. Secretary of State—was a woman? Besides, you know, three of the last five Secretaries of State.

Madame Secretary, from Joan Of Arcadia creator Barbara Hall and co-producer Morgan Freeman (the movies' favorite black president), concerns a "maverick" female Secretary of State who balances family life and international diplomacy. Which is totally what a female Secretary of State would have to do, if we ever had one, apart from the three we already had. It's thus far unclear in what way thisSecretary is a "maverick," though this might just be a code word, so that certain people don't boycott the show.

Also, because it's CBS, there's probably also a mystery every week that will be analyzed in some sort of a lab.