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CBS hires Laverne Cox to be awesome on its new legal drama

Now that she’s been nominated for an Emmy—oh, and on the cover of Time magazine—Laverne Cox is a hot commodity. Fresh off her nominated turn in season two of Orange Is The New Black, Variety reports that Cox has been cast in the pilot of CBS’s upcoming legal drama Doubt.

As we reported previously, the show about a (yet-to-be-cast) defense attorney stupidly getting it on with a potential murderer comes from Grey’s Anatomy writers Joan Rater and Tony Phelan. Cox will play another attorney, Cameron Wirth, a “trans Ivy League-educated lawyer who’s both competitive and compassionate.” The character is also described as fierce and funny, which makes it sound like Rater and Phelan just saw Cox in one of her delightful talk show appearances and figured they should play to her strengths.


Cox will return for season three of Orange Is The New Black this summer on Netflix.

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