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After sending the nation into its moral tailspin with all its cavalier joking about birth control, the early-'70s series Love, American Style is getting a reboot at CBS, which can—much like loose women on the pill—just do whatever it wants, regardless of the consequence. Deadline reports that this new, contemporary version will not have the same anthology structure as the original, where unconnected vignettes about modern romance commingled in the swingin’, free love spirit of the era, giving birth to numerous illegitimate children (like Happy Days and Wait Till Your Father Gets Home) and spreading God knows how many STDs. Instead, the show will adhere to our more cautious, emotionally closed-off new millennium by following the same four couples, who may be connected through their relationships, but probably not through their genitals until sweeps month.


As Deadline notes, this is the second attempt to revive Love American Style, after a failed pilot starring Melissa Joan Hart in 1999, but this time it’s being outsourced to Canadian writers Jana Sinyor and Aaron Martin—Canadians who will dare to come down here and try to tell Americans how to love, American style, all because of NAFTA. Thanks a lot, Bill Clinton.

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