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CBS grants full seasons to Person Of Interest and Unforgettable

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CBS has promoted rookie dramas Unforgettable and Person Of Interest into real shows with full seasons and everything, with both joining 2 Broke Girls in the network’s graduating class of freshmen series from which only How To Be A Gentleman has so far been expelled. The fate of its last remaining new show, A Gifted Man, is still yet to be determined, perhaps because every time it’s brought up, CBS executives think someone is just making a smart-assed joke. (“Yeah, yeah—a show about a doctor who talks to ghosts. That’s a very clever commentary on the increasingly desperate recycling of television tropes. Now could we order lunch, please?”)


The renewal for Unforgettable and Person Of Interest seems like an easy decision: Unforgettable is the most-watched new drama series of the season, with viewers already hooked on the idea of a detective who solves crimes using her unique, eccentric power of remembering things. (And this despite abandoning its catchy, surefire hit title, The Rememberer.) Person Of Interest ranks a close second, having thoroughly satisfied CBS viewers by dialing down the high concept of its premise into an agreeably standard-issue crime procedural that’s all but indistinguishable from the rest of the network’s standard-issue crime procedurals, thus providing a comforting sense of continuity and stability that helps soothe any flare-ups of senior dementia.

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