After having cast out We Are Men like a suddenly hilariously single dude, CBS has gotten on with its life by issuing full-season orders to its other new original comedies The Crazy Ones, The Millers, and Mom. That each would get to finish out the year already seemed like a foregone conclusion: The Robin Williams/Sarah Michelle Gellar-starring The Crazy Ones ranks as the No. 1 new comedy in a season that’s been especially cruel to them, immediately followed by the No. 2 show The Millers (prompting Greg Garcia to angrily protest that it’s not “the No. 2 show”), and then Mom in third place. There’s also the fact that Mom hails from Chuck Lorre, so canceling it would require a pair of CBS executives to each turn their key according to procedure… sir, we are at Chuck Lorre cancellation. Turn your key, sir!