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CBS finally remembers to cancel Unforgettable

For a show about a woman who remembers everything that was originally pitched under the title “The Rememberer,” CBS’ Unforgettable survived for a shockingly long time. But, alas, after three seasons of Poppy Montgomery’s Rememberer solving crimes within five minutes because she remembers everything and supervillains struggling to counteract her remembering abilities with increasingly convoluted traps, CBS has cancelled Unforgettable. This comes from Deadline, which notes that the move comes after the network bumped Unforgettable to a summer timeslot a few years ago and then buried it on Sunday nights where it would often get delayed because of football games. That, presumably, made it harder for Unforgettable fans to remember when it was on and they would end up forgetting to watch it.

With this cancellation, the show’s season three finale—which just aired in September—will now be its series finale. We assume that the final episode ended on a cliffhanger, with The Rememberer stuck in a room with distractingly loud music and bright, flashing lights—one last devious trap set by her nemesis, the villainous Forget-Me-Not—and now we’ll never get to see how she escapes. Oh, wait. We just remembered that Unforgettable was actually just a standard procedural about a woman with a good memory, not a superhero show about a woman who never forgets things and fights a bad guy named after a flower. The real show sounds much less exciting.


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