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CBS finally ready to honor Mexican-American community with Rob Schneider sitcom

After a revamped pilot, casting changes, and the ordering of several additional scripts, CBS is finally ready to commit to a midseason debut for Rob Schneider’s sitcom about the differences between white and Mexican people, having expended every effort possible due to the sitcom’s obvious importance in engendering racial harmony. The show still draws from Schneider’s real-life experiences as a not-Mexican guy who marries into a Mexican-American family, the members of which are all totally Mexican and do Mexican stuff, ay yi yi. And to shore up the show’s credibility with Latinos, Schneider’s wife will now be played by Spanish actress Claudia Bassols—most recently seen dodging Mario Batali’s advances and making Gwyneth Paltrow look like a consumption-ridden dowager in the PBS series Spain… On The Road Again—while Schneider’s father-in-law will be played by Cheech Marin, who is essentially the Morgan Freeman of the Mexican-American acting community. The show still doesn’t have a title, though Sorry For Arizona, But Here’s This has a certain ring to it, ¿no?  


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