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CBS extends all its freshman sitcoms about dopey, clueless men

Kevin Can Wait

In what serves as something like Day No. 20,000 or so for the prolonged good luck of the dopey white guy on TV, CBS has announced that it’s ordering full seasons for its freshman comedies Kevin Can Wait, The Great Indoors, and Man With A Plan. Kevin James’ TV comeback had its order bumped up to 24 episodes today—a vote of confidence usually reserved only for The Big Bang Theory—while Joel McHale and Matt LeBlanc’s shows were extended to 22 episodes apiece. All told, it’s 10 more half-hours of dudes bumbling their way through childcare, rolling their eyes at those hated Millennials, and giving an exaggerated “Huh?” at concepts that drift even slightly outside their comfort zones.

Given his status as CBS royalty, James’ Kevin was pretty much a shoe-in for an extended season. Indoors and Plan struggled more, with the former show posting its highest-ever ratings this week. Starring McHale, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, and Susannah Fielding, the show drew decent reviews from critics, despite a premise that seemed poised to potentially alienate its key 18-35 demographic. Man With A Plan was less successful, despite LeBlanc’s occasional flashes of Joey Tribbiani-esque charm. It’s currently in third place among CBS’s first-season outings, pulling in 7.35 million viewers per week.


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