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CBS evicts The Odd Couple after three seasons

The Odd Couple

Presumably due to the eponymous duo’s continued refusal to see eye-to-eye on any topic—including whether or not cigars should just be casually dropped right on the ground—CBS has decided to cancel its Odd Couple reboot. This comes from Variety, which says this decision has been coming since November, when CBS decided not to extend its 13-episode order for the show’s third season. Variety adds that the show’s ratings weren’t terrible, but compared to the heights of other CBS comedies like The Big Bang Theory, it was basically dragging down the network’s reputation.

CBS’ The Odd Couple starred Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon as mismatched roommates Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, and it was a remake of the 1970 ABC series of the same name starring Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, which itself was an adaptation of the 1968 film starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon, which was an adaptation of a Neil Simon play from 1965. So, if you’re disappointed in this cancellation, just wait a few decades and some new TV network will reboot The Odd Couple again.


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