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CBS decides to take a chance on this Spielberg kid and his crazy sci-fi ideas

Flush with the success of Under The Dome, CBS is already trying to replicate its formula by combining several of the show's key elements: a high concept, a 13-episode run, a summer airdate in 2014, and not least of all, executive producer Steven Spielberg. The resulting concoction is Extant, a "futuristic drama" about a female astronaut who returns from a year in space bearing mysteries, unanswered questions, and—if all goes well—good DVR numbers.

While in space, this astronaut has experiences "that affect the course of history." Upon her return, she has to adjust to family life, after a year spent only in the company of the stars, the moon, and presumably, Sir Richard Branson. Will Steven Spielberg manage to tell an entertaining story involving a visitor from space interacting with an earthbound family? Only time will tell.


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