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CBS decides to let Mom stick around for another season

Photo: Sonja Flemming (CBS)

Allison Janney is now an Oscar-winner, making her Hollywood stock rise considerably, so CBS has smartly decided to renew her Chuck Lorre sitcom Mom for a sixth season before she can get lured away by some better offer. Granted, CBS didn’t specifically say that it wanted to keep Janney from running off, but it’d probably be pretty important to any TV network to be able to say it has an Academy Award-winning actress on hand. This news comes from Deadline, which says the network has now renewed its entire current slate of Lorre shows, with The Big Bang Theory and its flashback spin-off Young Sheldon having already been picked up.

The Deadline story also notes that Mom averages more than 11 million viewers, and it’s currently the third most-watched comedy across all of the networks—with only The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon beating it. The show’s fifth season will wrap up at the beginning of May.


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