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CBS considering How I Met Your Mother spinoff, about a woman's interminable search this time

Illustration for article titled CBS considering emHow I Met Your Mother/em spinoff, about a womans interminable search this time

As How I Met Your Mother draws ever closer to its final scene revealing Bob Saget in a diaper, talking to the two terrified Chihuahuas he’s dressed up in kids’ clothes, CBS has begun desperately thinking of new ways to extend its hit comedy, beyond having its narrator tell a nine-year story. And so, as these things go, it’s considering a spinoff that’s tentatively titled How I Met Your Father, a female spin on the show’s unique concept of a young person with friends who dates people.

According to Deadline, the pilot would be a collaboration between the HIMYM team of Carter Bays and Craig Thomas and Up All Night’s Emily Spivey, who would bring her female comic perspective to this tale of another group of young New Yorkers and one woman’s search for her future husband, before inevitably going insane and suggesting, um, maybe she meets him by traveling through a magic portal?

Should the spinoff get the go-ahead, these new characters could be introduced in the series finale, as a new co-ed gang that also hangs around MacLaren’s Pub—conveniently, never at the same time as that other gang. And if it doesn’t, well, you can just assume that this lady dated some people who weren’t quite right before meeting your father, the end.

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