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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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When you’re the last broadcast network that a significant number of households actually watch on a nightly basis, you might be wary about tossing your content into the greedy maws of the Internet. You might also be CBS, which means you’ve at least made an agreement to stream your vast library of television programming on Hulu—with a few caveats. First, all 2,600 episodes of CSI: Miami, Star Trek, and I Love Lucy and the like that CBS brings to Hulu will only be available to Hulu Plus subscribers—though select series will rotate through the website’s free offerings. And, as evidenced by the shows listed above, those 2,600 episodes are all of shows that have ended their runs—so no new episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but a desire to watch nerds putting their nerdy interests to nerdy ends might be sated by reruns of Numb3rs! In short, CBS wants people to keep watching TV on their TVs. Which makes sense, because it’s not like the network’s target audience knows how to find these shows on the Internet, anyway.


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