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CBS cancels We Are Men, despite their being men

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The fall TV season has seen its second casualty in We Are Men, the CBS sitcom whose title was both its characters’ self-assuring battle cry and their show’s entire comedic premise. They were men—they did man things, as men do—and let no man tear asunder what these men did in the name of being men, which they were, bravely defying the domineering women in their lives who said, “No, don’t be a man right now.” They stood and cried, “But… We Are Men!” and then sometimes took off their shirts in a manful manner, particularly if they were Jerry O’Connell. Unfortunately, not everyone was convinced or amused: The series’ second episode took in only 5.4 million viewers—a number that might pass muster at less manly networks like NBC, but not here. Not among men, or The Big Bang Theory.


And so, much as the show’s newly single men sought to fill the holes in their lives by leering at younger women, seductively reminding them that they are men, so CBS will fill their abandoned 8:30 p.m. time slot with 2 Broke Girls starting next week, then bring Mike & Molly back on Nov. 4 to replace 2 Broke Girls at 9 p.m. Meanwhile, we are left to ponder whether men can ever find a place in this world, besides everywhere.

Truly, they were men.

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