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CBS has bought a scripted, multi-camera comedy from Mike Wolfe, star of the History Channel’s American Pickers. Deadline reports that the untitled project is “a workplace comedy set in an antiques and collectibles shop” and is “based on Wolfe’s experiences” as a picker. So, in essence, it’s a slightly more fictionalized version of the already very staged American Pickers, albeit with less Frank.


The good news—for Wolfe and for Pickers fans, at least—is that some other good names are attached, including writer Tom Brady (Sports Night, Home Improvement, Are You There, Chelsea?) and pilot director Fred Savage, who has gracefully transitioned out of acting by helming episodes of shows like Party Down and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

American Pickers is one of the most popular shows on cable, drawing 3.1 million viewers for its 2010 premiere, and drew 4.365 million viewers to its new episode this past Monday.

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