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CBS boldly shares new logo, same old premise for Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek series

(Screenshot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXpPweAooeE)

The network upfront presentations are still rolling out, with CBS taking its turn at the mic today with a little help from Stephen Colbert. We got a glimpse at the eye network’s fall schedule earlier today, which is brimming with shows about retired-cop dudes, parent dudes, resourceful dudes, and Joel McHale dudes. And although it’s still about a year away from debuting, Bryan Fuller’s Star Trek series was trotted out to make the nerdier industry insiders swoon. Here’s the teaser that was shown, which stars the new Trek logo as well as those familiar French horns:

We’ll answer the first question you must have had upon seeing that by quoting CBS president Les Moonves: “You didn’t think we were going to show you the cast, did you? It’s too early for that.” He also didn’t address the new Trek series’ perceived banishment to the outer reaches of space, i.e., CBS’ proprietary streaming service. The pilot should still air on CBS, but you’ll have to sign up for CBS All Access in order to seek out those new worlds and civilizations.


[via TVLine]

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