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CBS banishes Angel From Hell from its lineup

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Today’s reading from Cancellations will center on the earthbound Angel From Hell, as portrayed by Jane Lynch, who did quip and pull from a crème de menthe-filled flask even as she advised Maggie Lawson’s physician to heal herself. And lo, the premiere was denied the autumnal light in favor of a winter’s moon, as CBS pushed the date back from November to January. But when the series did finally reveal itself to Thursday night viewers, its middling performance was not enough to sustain it. And so it was on the day of the fifth episode that CBS looked out at what Angel From Hell had wrought upon its lineup and canceled the comedy, thereby freeing the celestial being whose talents were squandered on advising a doctor on her love life. And verily did Deadline report that the network would replace the midseason series with its paragons of virtue, the 2 Broke Girls, and the heretics espousing The Big Bang Theory.


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