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CBS backslides away from Living Biblically

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Faster than you can ask “How many hand’s breadths in a cubit?”—six, by the way—CBS has decided to bail on this whole Living Biblically thing. Variety reports that the network has pulled the plug on the first-season sitcom after just eight episodes on the air, abruptly ending Jay R. Ferguson’s efforts to live his life by the strict rules laid out in the Bible after a mere two months.


That’s only a sixth of the time spent on the actual Year Of Living Biblically performed by author A. J. Jacobs, whose book on the topic served as the show’s inspiration. Biblically is the second CBS comedy to get the quick axe this year; Me, Myself, And I lasted an even scanter six episodes back in the fall. The new series will be replaced in its timeslot by reruns of The Big Bang Theory, the ubiquitous grey goo that all other CBS comedies must constantly find them struggling to be compared against.

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