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CBS announces the premiere date for Big Brother: All-Stars

Big Brother: All Stars
Big Brother: All Stars
Image: CBS

In the event that you’re somehow not emotionally fatigued by the idea of watching a group of people stuck in a house during a global quarantine, we come bearing good news: CBS has confirmed a premiere date for Big Brother: All-Stars. This development may also prove favorable for those who are simply desperate for any sign of new TV.

After a slight delay, the summertime reality hit will return on August 5 with its 22nd season. All-Stars will kick things off with a two-hour move-in special before easing into a modest three-episodes-a-week schedule, which will air  Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), and Thursdays (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT). Perennial host Julie Chen-Moonves will be on hand to properly evict the outcasts.

The All-Stars season will mark the 20th anniversary of the series’ premiere. Though Big Brother is usually a June staple, the widespread COVID-19 production shutdown shifted the schedule by two months. The cast has not been revealed yet, but a recent press release from CBS assures that the ragtag group of “winners, finalists, legends, memorable personalities and some of the best to never win the game” will be announced sometime closer to the premiere. CBS also noted that the production would adhere to very strict health protocols due to the pandemic:

Houseguests will undergo a quarantine period prior to production and will be tested several times prior to entering the House. Once inside, they will be tested weekly during the season and have no contact with any crew members, and all supplies delivered will be disinfected. In addition, the live show will not have a studio audience.

All staff and crew members will be tested prior to commencing work on a regular basis, as well as screened daily for symptoms. They’ll be required to wear PPE and will work in pods to enhance social distancing. In addition, a COVID-19 compliance officer will be on staff to monitor and enforce all health and safety COVID-19 protocols.”


We’re relieved to hear that the network is doing everything it can to make sure that all deceit, potential hook-ups, and unrepentant back-stabbing remains a threat to the contestants’ egos and not their immune systems. We’ll see you in August.

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