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CBS All Access releases all of Star Trek: Picard for free through April

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Photo: Matt Kennedy (CBS)

In a special promotion that is not being framed as some sort of coronavirus-based “here’s something to do at home” deal for some reason, CBS All Access has decided to release the entire first season of Star Trek: Picard for free. The show’s first season finale will be released on Thursday, and in honor of that it seems, the streaming service is offering up all 10 episodes of Picard for free. The catch, if you can even call it that, is that you need to sign up for a CBS All Access account put in the coupon code “GIFT,” but that doesn’t seem like an especially big deal. Hell, if you wait until Thursday, make your account, and then watch the whole season in a single sitting, you won’t even need to remember a password. You’ll probably get emails from CBS All Access about the other offerings in its fabulous library of content, and you might end up being convinced to pay for a subscription so you can watch the Twilight Zone revival or the platform’s other Star Trek offerings, but you don’t have to.

Patrick Stewart posted an Instagram video about this special offer with a little video about the importance of Star Trek. He also teases the show’s second season a little bit, which was announced way back in January. We don’t know when that second season will happen, but it will happen eventually and it’s good to look forward to things instead of wallowing in misery. Also, Stewart promised Whoopi Goldberg that there’d be a place for her in the show’s second season, and we’ve gotta see the return of Guinan.


[via Entertainment Weekly]

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