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The Good Wife

Break out the wine, because CBS All access has just announced the premiere date for its Good Wife spin-off. According to Variety, the new series is titled The Good Fight—get it? because they’re lawyers?—and will have its premiere on All Access on February 19, 2017. Don’t worry, we checked, and the Super Bowl is two weeks before, so you won’t have to choose between the Chicago Bears and Christine Baranski (look, if the Cubs made it to the World series…). But speaking of football, CBS did land a deal with the NFL to stream games on All Access, which is good news for the 1 million subscribers the service already has.

The Good Fight is All Access’ inaugural original scripted series, but will stick to a traditional weekly schedule for new episodes. It will eventually be joined by Star Trek: Discovery, though The Good Fight won’t have the same privilege of popping up on network TV before settling into its virtual space.


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