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Stephen Colbert makes jokes about the news every night on his Late Show, and he helps make jokes about Donald Trump specifically over at Showtime with the Our Cartoon President series he produced, so now he’s going to combine “cartoons” with “making jokes about the news every night” into a new series for CBS All Access. As announced today, the series is called Tooning Out The News and it will utilize a fairly unique strategy in order to retain timeliness. As a press release explains, there will be “short daily segments” from the Tooning Out The News team that culminate in a “weekly full episode featuring a cast of animated characters mocking news of the day.” The animated characters will also interview “real world guests and newsmakers, but Tooning Out The News will have to work pretty hard to meet the high bar set by its “cartoons interviewing real people” predecessor Space Ghost Coast To Coast.

The series—which that aforementioned press release says is a “variety series”—comes from Colbert and The Late Show’s Chris Licht, along with Our Cartoon President’s R.J. Fried and Tim Luecke.


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