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Stephen Colbert’s time off has been pretty busy. From supporting Trump to being passive-aggressively interviewed by his Uber driver to guest hosting a public-access show in Michigan, Dave Letterman’s successor has spent his working vacation keeping his writer’s room busy shedding his neoconservative pundit persona from The Colbert Report. Until now, however, we seen relatively little in the way of Colbert directly previewing his new gig.


But viewers who tuned in to 60 Minutes last night to watch Leslie Kroft grill interviewees got an extra treat. During the commercial breaks, Colbert appeared in a series of Late Night promos, reminding us that he won’t be subsisting on luxurious beards and clever web shorts in perpetuity. You can watch the three promos below, including some banter with Mitt Romney. The pairing may make you nostalgic for both The Colbert Report and the political campaigns of four years ago, which improbably feel classy compared to the present.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert premieres on September 8, which is hopefully soon enough to get some last minute jabs in before Donald Trump’s presidential campaign implodes into a quasar of bronzer and hawkish jingoism.

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