Having decided that a Shawn Ryan-run, Eddie Murphy-assisted Beverly Hills Cop TV show was too big of a risk, likely due to the volatility of Judge Reinhold, CBS has instead picked up the legal drama Reckless, a show whose title is an ironic twist on the actual relative safety of the network’s decision. The network describes Reckless, which marks a reunion between Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke and its sort-of-star Cam Gigandet, as “a sultry legal show.” Possibly this is just because it’s set in South Carolina, where even getting your teeth cleaned is “sultry,” but also because it involves a “gorgeous Yankee litigator” who banters sexily with a sexy Southern attorney, both of them trying to hide their sexual desires while sparring over a police sex scandal, with the sex.

“Have you been debriefed?” Southern attorney Sugar LaBonIntercourse will ask Yankee attorney Turk Bagelsandcunnilingus. “Not yet… But maybe you should buy me dinner first,” Turk will reply with a wink. “Because ‘briefs’ can also mean ‘underwear,’” he’ll add, as the sultry South Carolina sunlight gently penetrates the windows, and the windows can’t deny that they like it. “Lordy, lordy,” someone will say, at some point.


The other show deemed worthy of joining CBS’ long lineage of things you’ve seen some version of before is Friends With Better Lives, a Friends-style ensemble comedy from Friends veterans Dana Klein and James Burrows, with Friends right there in the title. As previously reported, James Van Der Beek and Kevin Connolly play gynecologists who really know their away around a vagina, if you know what they mean and imply weekly. Meanwhile, supermodel Brooklyn Decker hones the comedy chops that a lot of guys have told her she has, probably. Friends (But Better!) joins CBS’ other recently acquired new sitcoms and possibly a couple more that could still be announced on Wednesday—like maybe a revived Rules Of Engagement, which we still believe was struck down only to become even stronger.