Presumably looking for a companion to its women-saying-naughty-things comedy 2 Broke Girls, CBS has begun developing a small-screen single-camera comedy based on Bad Teacher, the Cameron Diaz film that was itself essentially based on Bad Santa. The series will be produced by the movie's Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg—the Office writers whose Ghostbusters III screenplay confirms they've never, ever uttered the words, "Eh, let's just leave well enough alone"—and written by Hilary Winston, whose work on Happy Endings and Community will imbue you with cautious optimism that hey, maybe it could work. That is, until you remember that this would be a CBS sitcom version of a film whose entire premise was Cameron Diaz swearing, smoking pot, and other R-rated shenanigans taking place in the vicinity of children, and that this is the network that produced $#*! My Dad Says.