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Everyone loves Larry David, but it’s fair to say that his output has slowed ever since HBO agreed to just let him make new Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes whenever he feels like it. We can’t all waste our lives waiting until another flash-in-the-pan political candidate comes along who looks and acts a little like Larry David to stir him out of his curmudgeonly slumber, so we’re ready to declare that Larry David is played out and that there’s another member of the David family who will be our new comedy hero. We’re referring to his daughter, Cazzie David, who—as reported by The Wrap—has just sold a pilot to Amazon called Half-Empty that she will both write and star in.


Now, Cazzie David doesn’t have a huge résumé, so it might be putting a lot of pressure on her to predict that Half-Empty will be the new Seinfeld or Curb, but something has to be the new Seinfeld or Curb and this sounds vaguely similar to both of them. In the pilot, David will star as a “sardonic college student” with an “overactive imagination” that leads to “catastrophic thinking and an endless chain of social disasters.” Girls’ Sara Heyward will serve as showrunner, and David commented on how the project is going in a pretty funny statement: “It’s been a delightful collaboration. Although I have nothing to base that on, having never collaborated.”

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