Like a middle-schooler who’s totally psyched about learning all the basics of Greek mythology (or a group of executives who realized you don’t have to pay royalties to the long-dead), Fox has ordered its second pilot of the development season based on Zeus, Hera, and those crazy kooks atop Mount Olympus. Deadline reports that the network is putting its newfound enthusiasm for those hard-partying, transmogrifying, mortal-impregnating deities behind Olympus, an action drama from Friday Night Lights creator Peter Berg and Sons Of Anarchy actor-writer Taylor Sheridan. The project concerns “a decorated soldier-turned-spy who finds out he is actually descended from the Greek Gods and may just be humanity’s last hope,” presumably because some god or goddess was drunk on god wine and did it with the soldier-turned-spy’s mom or dad—while they were in the form of a swan or something. “That’s just how the ancient Greeks explained natural occurrences like earthquakes or the existence of spiders—which is awesome!” invented Fox executives said, before turning their attentions to Lisa Joy’s graphic novel, Headache, the source material for the networks’ other upcoming mythological pilot. At present, The A.V. Club cannot confirm whether or not network brass will make the shows fight one another in a clash of pilot titans in order to decide which—if either—will go to series.