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Cathy CK puts Louis C.K. quotes into Cathy comics

The comic strip Cathy has become a punchline for a miserable woman dealing with life’s seemingly never ending series of mundane problems. But what if, instead of chocolates and bathing suits, Cathy got real for a moment and told it like it is? Louis C.K. also talks about life’s seemingly endless series of problems and issues, albeit in a more profane manner. So why not let the forever-put-upon Cathy finally speak her mind by removing any filter and inserting C.K.’s thoughts? That’s the genius combination behind The Cathy CK tumblr, which repurposes panels from Cathy comics with Louis C.K.’s bits of wisdom. The result is a lot more f-bombs and a woman who has clearly had enough of being polite with her issues.


For those who desire more real talk from Cathy, there are many other examples on the tumblr page.


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