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Catherine Hardwicke to direct mopey teens again on USA Network’s Eyewitness

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Despite being packed with the kind of gallows humor we’ve come to expect from Drew Barrymore-led comedies, Catherine Hardwicke’s Miss You Already might have proven too serious for the director, who’s already returning to the land of teen angst and woodland trysts. Deadline reports that Hardwicke will direct and executive produce the first two episodes of USA Network’s Eyewitness, an adaptation of a 2014 Norwegian thriller. The drama was picked up by USA last month and has already been ordered to series, with Shades Of Blue creator Adi Hasak serving as showrunner.

Eyewitness will center on two teenage boys who head to the woods for some adolescent fumbling and end up stumbling upon what’s now being described as a quadruple homicide (uff da, indeed). Newcomer Tyler Young has been cast as Philip O’Brien, a sensitive teen with a troubled past who leaves the housing projects of a big city for a foster home in a small town. Philip falls for his classmate Lukas, who joins him in the woods on the fateful day that four people are murdered. The boys fear having their relationship discovered by the townspeople as much as having their identities made known to the murderer. It’s not quite as troublesome a situation to navigate as Bella Swan choosing between a sparkly slab of marble and a guy who probably constantly reeks of wet dog, but we’re sure Hardwicke will find a way to mine the source material for drama.


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