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Catfish directors exploring dangers of the Internet again with Nerve

Young-adult books continue to help populate the big screen, as The Hollywood Reporter says that Nerve—Jeanne Ryan’s novel about a global online game—is getting the cinematic treatment. Fittingly, Catfish directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will direct. In Nerve, quiet teenager Vee becomes famous for playing the titular online game, which is essentially an escalating series of dares that pull facts from her “ThisIsMe” page. The virtual audience, called “Watchers,” continually votes and comments on her performance. The contest turns sinister when Vee gets sent to a secret location alongside other competitors for the Grand Prize Round, and her worldwide fame suddenly turns frightening—sort of like The Hunger Games, but with Facebook. And if anyone knows about bizarre twists that happen online, it’s the directors of Catfish.


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