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Cate Blanchett may be the first to join that Cinderella update that's still happening

Still intent on driving its "reimagining" of Cinderella to the multiplex before the fairy-tale reboot trend hits metaphorical midnight and is revealed to be a rotten idea-pumpkin, Disney has started to move forward on its Mark Romanek-directed update by negotiating with Cate Blanchett, who would be the first to join the film. Blanchett would assume the role of Cinderella's icy, intimidating stepmother, a part Blanchett would approach by continuing to open her eyes and breathe. Still no word yet on who will play the title role in the film inspired by the dreams of all little girls to participate in the mining of Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland for further profit, though presumably whoever it is would take the backseat anyway to whatever minor male role will be suddenly expanded to get Johnny Depp in there. Such as, say, the Coachman.


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